The Alternative Strategies Fund
The Alternative Strategies Fund
The Alternative Strategies Fund

The Fund

The Alternative Strategies Fund (the “Fund”) is a continuously offered non-diversified, closed-end management investment company that is operated as an interval fund.

The Fund invests in alternative products and allows clients to access these investments with lower minimums and no accreditation.

SCG Asset Management LLC became the Fund’s investment adviser on December 10, 2021.

The Fund’s investment objective is to seek attractive risk-adjusted returns with low to moderate volatility and low correlation to the broader markets, through a concentrated alternative investment approach with an emphasis on income generation.

Under normal market conditions, the Fund will seek to provide attractive risk adjusted returns by taking advantage of volatility in the equity markets. SCG Asset Management seeks to construct a diversified portfolio of structured notes in which the individual portfolio investments do not exhibit significant correlation to each other and do not draw down losses simultaneously.


Share ClassClass AClass CClass I
Minimum Investment$5,000$2,500$1,000,000
Distribution FeeN/A0.75%N/A
Early Withdrawal ChargeN/A1% for 1 yearN/A
Internal Expense Ratio3.0%3.65%2.75%
Maximum Sales Load4.25%NoneNone